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2 Channel PC Computer Digital Storage USB Oscilloscope
2 Channel PC Computer Digital Storage USB Oscilloscope
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BNI Cab. Fatmawati
Nama: Gunaris
Acc No: 3377888835 (Rupiah)
Acc No: 3377888857 (USD)

Mandiri KCP Cilandak
Nama: Gunaris
Acc No: 127-00-22228884 (Rupiah)
Acc No: 127-00-22288821 (USD)

BCA Cab. Cilandak
Nama: Gunaris
Acc No: 7330136787

Permata Bank
Nama: Gunaris
Acc No: 970479708 (Rupiah)

BRI Fatmawati
Nama: Gunaris
Acc No: 0330-01024569506 (Rupiah)

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GPS Technology Is Steadily Finding Its Way in Indonesia
i-Blue 747A+ Bluetooth GPS Data Logger Receiver Rp775.000,-

Product Description :

This BT GPS logger features an all-in-one, costeffective portable GPS logging solution. It allows you to log your route by setting the interval of time/ distance/ speed. Point of interest can also be recorded by push of a button. Through user friendly utility, it shows your track on Google Earth.

Features :

  • Dual mode for both Data record and Navigation
  • Push button to record data manually
  • User can record the date by setting the interval of time, distance and speed.
  • 125,000 waypoints
  • Semi indoor
  • AGPS available
  • uzzy Auto On/Off
  • Phototagger software Application
  • Record your travels
  • Manage business trip expense
  • Concerned about one's driving behavior
  • Record Point of Interest by a push button
  • Geo-photo
  • Antenna: Built-in patch with LNA
  • Output Power: Class 2 (10 meter in free space)
  • Operation Time: Up to 32 hrs
  • Dimension: 46.5(W) x 72.2(L) x 20(H) mm


Intuk informasi lebih lanjut, silahkan kunjungi website ini.
Produk ini ditambahkan ke katalog kami pada Wednesday 02 September, 2009.
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